Is nothing sacred?

Robert Diggs, aka RZA, is one of the artists I trust. His work is always interesting, whether its his acting, film scores or his music with the WU. But I don’t know how to take the news that he is exec producing a remake of Barry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.


Samuel Jackson is attached to the film as the Shogun of Harlem, and that can’t be good. I suppose SamJack can deliver the line readings, but he actually has to fight and I can’t see him pulling it off. And there is talk that RZA wants Rihanna as the love interest…

I can’t do it. I can’t support this movie. The only way i might watch is if RZA is smart enough to cast Andre 3000 in Tiamak’s role. And I demand a cameo by Keanu. But even then I probably won’t watch.


3 responses to “Is nothing sacred?

  1. The worst part about things like this — and I include Frank Miller’s The Spirit and Robert Proyas’s I, Robot — is that the creator has built enough “points” with me over the years, enough trust, that I HAVE to see it. And I end up taking the position of the Jewish Mother saying in my head — well, you have 100 points and if THIS is what you want to spend it on, thats fine. Ruin your credit rating with me.

    Didnt the RZA have some bullshit small part in some Jennifer Anniston rape movie with the guy from Children of Men and the thief from Ocean’s 12?

    Although now that I think of it, I have not been crazy about his Bobby Digital stuff either…

  2. I know, that’s usually my standard too, but i will only pay for 1 Sam Jack movie in an 18 month period, and this won’t be the one.

    Jennifer Anniston rape movie? I have no knowledge. The guy from Children of Men? Do you mean Chiwetel Ejiofor? There’s a movie with him and J. Anniston? and RZA? Seriously?

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