Service and the presidential legacy

So everyone is going on about this picture:


What I find most interesting is what the three former presidents have done since they left office. Carter has accomplished as much since losing the ’80 election as he did when President, and the world is a better place because of it. Clinton’s Global Initiative has been self-serving at times, but also engaged in connecting groups with projects to improve lives throughout the world.

Bush Sr. has chilled. He got involved with Katrina, but that was mostly to help rescue his son’s image. Bush Jr. promises to follow his father’s example. I think this, as much as anything, says something about the governing philosophy of the modern GOP. It’s all about their own personal achievement.

While I am certainly going to enjoy the eight years he is in office, a small part of me is curious to see what Obama does with the time he has after the presidency. I know that he won’t be relaxing on a golf course.


One response to “Service and the presidential legacy

  1. I think you’re forgetting that Bush Sr. partnered with Clinton to in raise money globally in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. He got a lot of props for that.

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