…the pound I got, down in Georgetown…

See now, this is why I love Barack Obama.

Obama, like many a brother from the South Side of Chicago, stopped by Ben’s Chili Bowl a few days ago.

For those who don’t know, Ben’s Chili Bowl is an institution in Black DC, sort of like Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in South Central LA or Sylvia’s in Harlem. Ben’s has lent their support to various causes since they opened 50 years ago, starting with supplying food to SNCC, whose national headquarters was once located across the street. The spot even had a cameo in Pelican Brief, and Russell Crow was shooting there a few weeks ago.

But more importantly, Ben’s Chili Bowl was where I would go to get a turkey dog and chili to go after poetry slams at the Kaffa House. It’s where my boys and I would go on the walk over from the Towers to Republic Gardens.

So much for Barack being post-racial. I never saw any post-racial people sliding into a seat at Ben’s.


2 responses to “…the pound I got, down in Georgetown…

  1. And you will not see one at a spot like Ben’s, I hope. But if Sylvia’s is any indication of what can happen to a haven or institution once the post-racialists take over an area, then be afraid, be very afraid. Sylvia’s is now a aprt of the neo-Harlem that jumped off after some folks discovered the value under the boards of trhose brownstones, and the last time I was up in Syl’s joint there were a bunch of folk, none of whom looked like the droves of locals who frequented the place after church and before a night clubbin or vice versa before the post-racialsits set up camp. Harlem is two clicks away from becoming just another DisNe(y)w York theme park like Vegas and Time Square.

  2. Actually, U street is indeed going the way of Harlem and the Tenderloin. Serious gentrification going on there. Though I’m not sure how all of this will last in the Great Recession.

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