Elmcitytree on WNYC, live from NYC Comic Con

I make my debut on WNYC!    My first thought as I listened to the clip was, wow, do I really sound so nerdy?

The Black Panther stuff begins at 6:40 on the clip

Tree @ ComicCon

So as I said in my last post, I asked Reginald Hudlin a question about the lack of Black creative voices in the comic industry. It turned out that Ben Walker from NPR was there, and asked me for some feedback.    Through the magic of editing, you get to hear Hudlin responding to my question and then my motivation for the question.    I might need some media training.

And then, at the end, you hear the fellas opine on their favorite hero. That makes it all worthwhile.

wnyc took this cool picture of me and the fellas. In my haste to link to the audio I didn’t realize it was there:



3 responses to “Elmcitytree on WNYC, live from NYC Comic Con

  1. yourdreamsfirst

    DOPE!!! It’s amazing how many “final frontiers” we still have in our society!

  2. Congrats, Jonathan!

  3. Thanks homey

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