is this on the level? UPDATE

So I saw this clip over at Daily Kos. Apparently the young black youth have stopped saying N***** and started calling each other President instead. As in, “peace president” or “you presidential, son!” But watch the clip carefully.

This seems like a put on, right? At the end when the guy says a white person should never use the word president. Um, what? And the idea that a movie studio would have already over-dubbed the N-word in movies like Menace II Society. Obama’s been president exactly one month. Hollywood just doesn’t move that fast.

AND the fact that a stern teacher like the one they interview would have some kids wilding IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Hell no.

This is a hoax. Somebody played NY1 for the fool.

So I was right. This thing is a hoax. It’s pretty funny though.


One response to “is this on the level? UPDATE

  1. nope, it you who got played, ect. the whole thing is a hoax. a damn good one. well put together. wonder who wrote/directed. i’d like to work with them.

    in addition to everything that you noted about the overall concept, the font used for the time and temp in the lower left corner isnt the one tha NY1 uses. i havent actually HAD cable in 10 months, but trust me, a junkie knows, no matter how long its been.


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