some things just deconstruct themselves

I had the pleasure of taking a class with Jacques Derrida. It was a thrilling experience. You would read the texts that he assigned, looking for the deconstructive moment–the contradiction in the text that Prof. Derrida was going to use to demonstrate that argument the book contained didn’t do what it’s author thought it did.

I am not a hard core Derridean, even though his style of close reading stays with me. But, as Prof. Derrida said in class in response to a student’s question about why we were looking at one contradiction in a text and not at a glaringly obvious breakdown in logic at another point in the same piece: “Some things deconstruct themselves.”

So, in that spirit, I give you this.



2 responses to “some things just deconstruct themselves

  1. Ryan Seacrest’s center cannot hold. Not like his hair gel can, anyway.

  2. Indeed. I fail to understand why television presenters can’t at least be interesting

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