bringing the ruckus

I’ve been watching the Obama weekly addresses on youtube. I’m sort of addicted to the idea that his every utterance redefines what’s possible. I sincerely wish the Hillary hadn’t stolen the book title Living History, because Obama sort of puts her to shame on that front. Not that life is a competition.

Anyway, this weekends address gave me the chills. He really wants to change things, both in DC and in how the nation does its business. Peep this.

It really get good at about 3:14 in when he drops this:

I know that the insurance industry won’t like the idea that they’ll have to bid competitively to continue offering Medicare coverage, but that’s how we’ll help preserve and protect Medicare and lower health care costs for American families. I know that banks and big student lenders won’t like the idea that we’re ending their huge taxpayer subsidies, but that’s how we’ll save taxpayers nearly $50 billion and make college more affordable. I know that oil and gas companies won’t like us ending nearly $30 billion in tax breaks, but that’s how we’ll help fund a renewable energy economy that will create new jobs and new industries. In other words, I know these steps won’t sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing business, and I know they’re gearing up for a fight as we speak. My message to them is this:

So am I.

Damn. He about to get all FDR up in here!


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