inappropriate behavior we can all get behind

Some might think, after my last post, that I am a dour academic who lacks a sense of humor. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just want a little creativity is all. Humor is about bringing together disparate qualities, things that really shouldn’t go together at all. Take this for example:

A beautiful young girl with autism. Who trains herself to become a lethal Muy Thai martial artist assassin by watching kung-fu flicks on television.


And it’s playing now, at Sunshine Cinema in the E. Village.

Well now. Um, gotta go!


3 responses to “inappropriate behavior we can all get behind

  1. The tag line on that movie is hilarious: a Special Needs Girl with a Special Need — To Kick Ass.

  2. I agree with Geoff on that. Also, despite Ong Bak not really holding my attention, this looks awesome.

  3. Well, there seems to be more story here than in Ong Bak. But yeah, the tagline is teh awesome

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